Indianapolis Police Department Email Revealing Bra Sizes of Female Officers Prompts Investigation

A police union is launching an investigation after personal information about 13 female police officers -- including their bra sizes -- was sent out in an email to department supervisors at the Indiana Metropolitan Police Department. 

A member of the command staff reportedly sent an email to commanders and shift supervisors, alerting them that 91 police officers -- including the 13 female officers -- needed to pick up their new bullet-proof vests.

But the email memo also included a spreadsheet attachment with sensitive information about the officers' weight and chest sizes, Fox 59 reports. 

Valerie Cunningham, the department's deputy chief of professional standards, called the incident an "accident" and said there was no malicious intent on the part of the sender, according to the station.

At least one of the female police officers involved has requested legal assistance from the police union.

"That information should be kept private, " Aaron Sullivan, spokesperson for the Fraternal Order of Police, told Fox 59.

"If it's information that isn't necessary to carry out one's job function, it should be protected." said Sullivan.