Americans, fearing that the economy is getting worse, are pinching pennies on a whole host of things, including buying their morning coffee.  According to a recent Harris Poll, more than 21 percent of those polled say that morning caffeine blast has now become too much of a financial burden.

But that’s just the start. More people are brown-bagging lunch, with 46 percent of Americans taking lunch to work instead of buying it, as well as 40 percent of people using refillable water bottles and filling them up with tap water.

The Harris poll also reported that over three quarters of shoppers driven by the "cutting back" mentality are now buying generic brand products.

Americans are going for the slightly longer hair, and wrinklier clothes look, too. Respondents say 43 percent are cutting back on barber shop trips, and 21 percent are cutting back on their dry cleaning, as other cash-saving strategies.  Another 22 percent of people are forgoing cable tv service, and with the 31 percent who have cancelled their magazine subscriptions.

These poll findings are based on the input of 2,163 adults of different age, sex, race, region and income.

Yet, the poll revealed that are two things where Americans weren’t prepared to give up, just yet; cell phone service and driving their own cars to work. While fewer than one-in-five say they have done each of these things, pollsters say it wasn’t a top priority, than say coffee.