The Chat is Back!

Exciting news for our loyal Happening Now viewers—the Chat is back!

If you were one of the regulars who joined us for some rousing discussions in months past, you know what you’ve been missing: the chance to interact, live, with us–Harris, Rick, Jenna, Jon and our news producers, plus the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions with Happening Now viewers around the nation and even around the globe.

We loved it, and we’ve missed it too.

But if you were one of our regular chatters, you know what happened. A small but well-organized band of knuckleheads crawled out of some slimy netherworld for the sole purpose of bombarding our chat page with some rather vile and disgusting comments. We tried to eliminate their foul rants as soon as they popped up but it reached the point where it wasn’t practical; the inmates were running the asylum, and shutting down the chat was the easier, albeit temporary, option.

None of us here liked letting the bad guys win. This is America, after all! Feel free to speak your mind, but don’t put forward a bunch of foul-mouthed nonsense , insulting and degrading others, under the guise of free speech. If you were insulted by any of the comments posted during the waning days of the previous chat, we apologize—some people simply like to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

We desperately wanted to restore 2-way communications with you and provide a venue for you to resume intelligent, pointed commentary about the news of the day. We searched for a way to open a chat room that keeps tighter control over participants and especially their comments. We believe we’ve found a great way to accomplish that.

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Our new chat launches Wednesday, June 15th. Just click on the “Live Chat” tab on our Happening Now show page; it will ask you to log on through a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, , MySpace, or OpenID . Once you’ve logged on, you’re in—let the chat begin!

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and chatting back with you. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Rick Folbaum will be moderating our discussions and getting many of the chat topics going. I’m personally excited to get back to chatting with you as we join you in keeping tabs on the news “Happening Now”!

–Jon Scott

Jon Scott is the co-anchor for Happening Now (weekdays 11AM-12PM/ET). Jon is part of the original anchor team at FOX News Channel, having joined two months prior to its launch.. Click here for more information on Jon Scott