Body of Toddler Missing in Joplin, Missouri, Tornado Found at Morgue, Relatives Say

Family members of a toddler who disappeared in the Joplin, Mo., tornado say the boy's body has been identified at a morgue.

His mother, Carol Jo Tate, told The Associated Press that the body of 16-month-old Skyular Logsdon was identified at a morgue handling tornado victims. 

Skyular was reportedly torn from his mother's arms as the deadliest single tornado on record ripped through the heart of Joplin Sunday night, killing at least 125 people and leaving thousands homeless. 

The boy's great-uncle, Frankie Reynolds, made the identification, one of his relatives told the Kansas City Star. The remains were reportedly found at a morgue that the family hadn't previously checked. The family had been searching area hospitals, shelters and a temporary morgue at Missouri Southern State University for the boy, the newspaper reports. 

The Jasper County coroner has not yet confirmed the boy's identification, according to the newspaper, and relatives say official tests must still be done. 

Skyular's disappearance drew an outpouring of concern when it was posted on Facebook.

More than 10,000 people supported a "Bring Skyular Logsdon home" page set up after the boy vanished in Sunday's tornado.

"I never knew I could cry this hard for someone I have never met," wrote one of the group's members.

Tate, 18, remains hospitalized with severe injuries at Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg, Kan.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report