17 Arsons, 4 Days, 1 Detroit Neighborhood

Home hit by fire arson on Detroit's east side.

Home hit by fire arson on Detroit's east side.

DETROIT, Mich. - It's known as Detroit's forgotten neighborhood left to burn and decay. 

The neighborhood is under attack by a fire bug, hit by 17 arson fires in four days. The people who remain are begging authorities for help, reports.

"They started like two fires the other day, back to back. The firemen left, then there was another one that started. So it was really bad," resident Charlita Kreft said. 

The fire starter is making his rounds on Detroit's east side where now there are literally just shells of houses on some blocks.

"To have an area that has been so hard hit in the past, we had a few fires back in August that really hit the area badly, and then to just have the number of fires that keep happening and happening. The majority of the fires have been proven to be arson," Detroit Fire Capt. Steve Kirschner told

Residents are concerned that the fire department is not reaching the area as quickly as they could.

"They did get here, but it seemed like it was not fast enough because it did burn down to the ground," Kreft said.

Kirschner explains that fire companies are being spread thin with the vast amount of fires. 

"When you have multiple fires in a certain area, that response time is greatly extended. So now instead of being there three to five minutes, now you are looking at maybe seven to ten minutes and fire doubles in size every two to three minutes."

He also stressed that diminished resources put the firemen at greater risk.

Kirschner says he remembers a different time on the block. 

"I knew the area when it was thriving area, when all those homes were occupied, when those vacant lots had homes in them full of families. It's sad to see this."

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17 Arsons, 4 Days, 1 Detroit Neighborhood: