Massachusetts First Grader Creates Anti-Bullying Book

BOSTON, Mass.-- He is an author and an illustrator at the ripe age of 8, fighting bullies with paper and crayons.

First-grader Borias Lake is being recognized for his coloring book on what to do if you are bullied titled, “Borias Brainstorms on Bullying,” MyFoxBoston reports.

Borias says he wrote the book after District Attorney Dan Conolly spoke to his class and his father spoke to him about Phoebe Prince, a young girl who committed suicide in 2010 after being bullied.

"Because bullies can hurt people," Borias says.

The book can’t be purchased in stores, but plenty of people are talking about the book and the author. 

Borias presented the book to the District Attorney, who spoke to his class about bullying.

"If I was bullied ten times, even though I've never been bullied before, I'd tell a grownup right away," says Borias. 

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First grader creates anti-bullying book: