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Oregon Teen Says Father Saved Her From Sex Offender

Oregon teen grabed by sex offender

Left: Douglas Quinn mugshot. Right: 13-year-old Shelby Harrington who was apparently harrassed by Quinn.

MILWAUKIE, Ore. -- A Milwaukie teen says a man, later found to be a sex offender, tried to grab her while she was walking home from school Thursday evening.

Luckily, her father quickly came to the rescue and tackled the suspect, Fox12 News reports.

Police cited Douglas Quinn and are charging him with harassment.

Shelby Harrington, 13, says Quinn approached her asking for her name and then tried to grab her by the shoulder.

She was able to get away and use her cell phone to call her dad. That’s when the two started driving around the area looking for the suspect on their own. A few blocks away, they spotted him.

“I didn’t know what to think. [Was] he was going to have a car come around the corner or what? My first instinct was just to run and call my dad,” Harrington says.

“I grabbed him, body slammed him and put him in a nice headlock and waited till the deputies showed up,” Brett Harrington, the teen's dad, told Fox12 News.

Quinn, a registered sex offender, was booked into jail on a drug warrant.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office says that based on the information they had, they were only able to cite Quinn for harassment.

The Harringtons are hoping Quinn will face more serious charges.

Click here for more on this story from Oregon's Fox 12 News.

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