1 Month After the Earthquake: An American In Japan

Laura Winthrop joined us on the phone from Tokyo, Japan the day the first massive earthquake hit. We all watched the devastation caused by the tsunami followed by the nuclear power plants exposing radiation into the environment.

Joining us again today Laura shares what she has been through over the last month.

Realizing the damage was so much bigger than what she had witnessed in Tokyo she decided to take action and help.

Traveling to Ofunato, Japan to volunteer with All Hands Volunteers Laura helped organize debris clearing efforts and unloaded trucks filled with food and clothing to give to the community. Witnessing first hand those who lost everything in the tsunami says is completely different than just what you see in photos. Real life is a panorama of everything in on top of 3 story buildings...and everyone sleeping in shelters.

Back now in Tokyo she says it feels more empty than normal. People are just trying to get on with their every day lives.

If you would like to donate or volunteer with All Hands Volunteers you can go to their website