Women Regret Lost Loves More Than Men, Study Finds

Frank Sinatra famously belted, “Regrets, I had a few ... too few to mention” -- but if they had to mention their greatest regret in life, women cited a lost love more than twice as often as men in a Northwestern University study.

The study conducted by a professor at the Kellogg School of Management showed 44 percent of women described a lost love as their biggest regret, compared to just 19 percent of men. 

Men, at 24 percent, regretted work-oriented choices more than anything else.

“Past research on regrets focused on samples of college students, which made it difficult to glean insights into the wider population,” said Neal Roese, the researcher who, with a colleague, called 370 adult Americans during the study. 

He said the study offers a more thorough look into the "psychology of regret to further understand how regret connects to life circumstances and its impact on decision making.”

The study also showed events that lead someone to inaction haunt people the longest.

Surely, there’s a Sinatra song for that one.