Facebook Helps Reunite Mother and Daughter After 30 Years

Baby picture of Christina Marie.

Baby picture of Christina Marie.  (

After 30 years, a Colorado mother and daughter have been reunited thanks to Facebook.

Angelina Rodriguez's baby was taken from her in 1980 by her then-boyfriend, according to

She tried to get her daughter Christina Marie back legally for five years, but officials were unable to find her boyfriend, according to the website.

"He never called again. He never bothered again," Rodriguez told

Rodriguez and her other daughter, Erica Benavidez, began searching for Christina Marie on Facebook and MySpace a few years ago.

"You wouldn't believe how many Christina Marie's are on Facebook and MySpace," Benavidez told the website.

But after nine long years, Christina Marie finally responded to a Facebook message Thursday night.

"My mouth just hung open," the mother told the website.

"It's like God knew I was supposed to be here," Benavidez told the site.

After reuniting on Facebook Thursday, the two talked on the phone for the first time Friday night. They hope to reunite in person soon.

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