Relatives of a Pearl Harbor veteran say they are shocked at the alleged abuse suffered by their 93-year-old father, who was found disheveled and dehydrated and living in a rat-infested home at the hands of his trusted caregiver.

Deputies with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said they found Arnold Bauer living in squalor last week at his home near El Cajon, Calif., and charged his caregiver, 63-year-old Milagros Angeles, with elder abuse.

Authorities said they found Bauer -- who has prostate cancer and dementia -- sitting next to rotting garbage and rat feces while clutching a framed photo of the ship he was serving on the day of Pearl Harbor, reports.

Angeles has been charged with four felony counts of elder abuse, forgery, theft and false imprisonment. Prosecutors allege that Angeles wrote checks to herself from Bauer's account and sent the money to her native Philippines.

Angeles has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Bauer's family said Monday that they had no knowledge of the alleged abuse suffered by their father.

"We are deeply shocked and concerned about the care our father has been receiving," Bauer's daughter, Stephanie Le Chevalier, said in a statement. "We thought he was in good hands and receiving good care."

"I was in touch with the caregiver usually about once a month, and everything seemed fine with my father. In fact, she said his mental state was improving. The caregiver discussed with me that she was preparing nutritious meals to make sure he stayed healthy," said Le Chevalier.

Angeles, who had been Bauer's caregiver for three years, is due in court next week. She remains in jail on $1 million bail, according to the station.

Bauer has been taken to the Veterans Affairs hospital in La Jolla, Calif. His daughter said the family is working with a Veterans Affairs social worker to "make sure he gets good care after discharge from the medical center."

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