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Poodle Mail: Minneapolis Woman Charged With Trying to Ship Puppy

Minneapolis Police are investigating a bizarre case of animal cruelty where a woman literally tried to send a puppy through the U.S. Mail. Luckily, postal workers noticed the box moving and rescued the pup before it was too late.

Last Tuesday, the suspect, 39-year old Stacey Champion walked into a downtown Minneapolis post office trying to ship a box to Georgia. Police say that she was trying to send the pup as a gift, MyFoxtwinCities reports.

The box had no air holes, no food, or water. It would've been shipped by air in an unpressurized and unheated part of the plane.

Since being rescued, the 4-month-old poodle mix is in the custody of animal control. A supervisor said the puppy has been cleaned up and is doing fine, all thanks to some very quick thinking Post Office employees.

Champion is charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. But she could face more serious federal charges of trying to ship live animals in the U.S. Mail.

Click here for more on this story from MyFoxTwinCities. 

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