Hundreds of people turned out Sunday to raise money for the funeral of a young mother found shot to death in a shallow grave four miles from her rural Michigan home, reports.

Amy Sue Henslee, 32, of Hartford, Mich., was reported missing last week after her husband returned home to find her gone. Authorities discovered her body four days later, buried in a wooded area of Van Buren County's Bangor Township with another woman, Tonya Howarth.

Howarth's boyfriend, Junior Lee Beebe Jr., is charged with killing both women.

More than 500 people filed into a community center for a spaghetti dinner, bake sale and silent auction on Sunday to benefit Henslee's family, according to the station.

The Kalamazoo Gazette reports that money collected from the event will go to Amy Sue Henslee's husband, James, and the couple's two sons to pay for funeral costs and anything else of immediate need.

Beebe, meanwhile, reportedly told family members that he shot Howarth to protect himself after she discovered he and Henslee were having an affair, reports.

Beebe allegedly said Howarth grabbed his shotgun and killed Henslee in a jealous rage after finding the two alone inside his camper, according to the station. He then reportedly said he wrestled the gun away from Howarth and shot her.

Family members claim Beebe then buried the bodies in a panic. 

Henslee's family says Beebe is lying.

"Amy would never do that," James Henslee told the station. "I don't want anybody trying to slander my wife's name. ... They have charged him with a double homicide for a reason."

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