Thieves Steal $65,000 Worth of Bronze Plaques From War Memorial

Authorities say a thief stole eight bronze plaques -- totaling $65,000 -- from a foreign war memorial, making off with the only official list of all the deceased veterans who belonged to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6919 in Morningside, Md.

"It’s heartbreaking to have this happen to us," Post Commander James Holland told

Three of the plaques bore the faces and names of the soldiers for whom the Post was named, the station reports. Five other plaques, weighing about 120 pounds each, listed the names of the deceased veterans who belonged to the Post. The list reportedly dated back to World War I.

"It’s not about the money," said Post Quartermaster Thomas Pappas. "We want to recover the names. There are about 500 names or so that’s missing."

Holland told the station that he hopes scrap yards will recognize the plaques and refuse to buy them. He is calling for the thieves to return them or contact the Post to tell him where they can be located.

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