SWAT Team Called to Illinois School After 'Butt Dial'

More than 30 SWAT officers carrying guns swarmed a school in the northern Chicago suburbs after a district employee's cell phone mistakenly "butt dialed" his wife and she became frantic at hearing garbled, disturbing music.

Winnetka Police Chief Joseph De Lopez told the Chicago Tribune that Monday's law enforcement response came because the unidentified employee's wife was the last number dialed on his cell phone. De Lopez says she believed "someone was holding him hostage."

School district interim co-superintendent Mark Friedman said the music had "gangster-like" lyrics.

The cell phone call was the result of a "butt dial," CBS News reports. The phone was reportedly in the employee's pant pocket when it accidentally called his wife without him realizing it.  

Police were positioned at school entrances and interrupted a school board meeting over the phone call. The middle school's 500 students had gone home for the day. Police gave an all-clear after about three hours when they found the employee safe at home.

The Associated Press contributed to this report