A New Jersey sixth-grader is going before a judge next week after apparently writing her name in wet cement.

Kelly Zierdt, 11, and a group of her friends allegedly etched their names in wet cement outside their Middlesex Township Middle School. Police caught the group in the act as they were driving past.

One of the officers said, "'let’s put these kids in the back of the car; we’re bringing them to headquarters,'" according to Zierdt. "And then me and my friends started crying our eyes out,” My9News reports.

Her dad says the situation "has snowballed into this giant catastrophe."

That’s because police say Kelly’s dad, unlike the other parents, refuses to pay a $250 fine to her middle school to pay for the vandalism and refuses to sign the parent/child and police agreement as punishment.

Lt. Mike Colacci of the Middlesex Police Department says that the parents help to come up with what they believe is a suitable punishment for the action of their children, “like a 5 o’clock curfew, or chores around the house. In this case they had to write an essay as to why they did this,” Colacci told My9News.

But Zierdt's father says his honor student daughter has already learned her lesson and so he will fight in court.

“I feel scared,” Zierdt said when asked about appearing before a judge.

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