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Top 5 foreign buyers of US exports, at a glance

The U.S. trade deficit fell to its lowest level in nine months in October. A weaker dollar and stronger economic growth overseas pushed U.S. exports to their highest level in more than two years. Below are the five countries that buy the most U.S. goods and what the U.S. sells them:

Top U.S. goods export destinations
Oct. 2010
Canada$22.13 billion
Cars, trucks and auto parts$4.4 billion
Computers and electronics$2.4 billion
Farm and industrial machinery$2.3 billion
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals$2.2 billion
Steel, iron and other metals$1.1 billion
Mexico$15.4 billion
Computers and electronics$3 billion
Cars, trucks and auto parts$2 billion
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals$1.6 billion
Farm and industrial machinery$1.2 billion
Oil and gas$1.1 billion
China$9.3 billion
Soybeans, other ag products$2.5 billion
Computers and electronics$1.3 billion
Chemicals and plastics$948 million
Industrial machinery$856 million
Cars, auto parts and aircraft$841 million
Japan$5.6 billion
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals$898 million
Aircraft, cars and parts$696 million
Computers and electronics$638 million
Soybean, corn and ag products$583 million
Medical products and other goods$429 million
Germany$4.4 billion
Cars, auto parts and aircraft$1 billion
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals$806 million
Computers and electronics$679 million
Farm and industrial machinery$479 million
Medical products and other goods$198 million

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