The father of two missing children in Mobile, Ala., told  authorities that his children are dead and that he had buried them, according to FOX10 News.

John DeBlase, 27, allegedly made these revelations during a thorough interview with police, leading investigators to search for the childrens' bodies within a 100-mile radius of Mobile, according to FOX10 News.

On Saturday, investigators planned to assemble a massive search party.

"We want to make sure that we find these children and that they're buried properly," said Michael Williams, the Mobile police chief.

The children, Natalie, 5, and Jonathan, 3,  were last seen with their father back in July. Since then, no family member came forward to report the children missing. Their stepmother, Heather Leavell-Keaton, was arrested Wednesday in Louisville, Ky.

"We received a call from the Louisville, Kentucky Police Department, stating that a man had walked into the police station up there and told them that there were some kids that were from Mobile that were dead," said Chris Levy, a police spokesman. The man was believed to be Leavell-Keaton’s brother.

While he was being escorted to a police cruiser, DeBlase reportedly told the press that the stepmother did it. 

The childrens' biological mother has spoken with FOX10 News within the past few days, but she was too distraught to speak on Friday evening.