Town Hall U.S.A. - Lame Duck Session

Freshman Senators and Congressman arrive today in Washington. All but two of them are not able to vote until January 5th when they are sworn into office.

Also arriving in Washington todayare the members they defeated andthose who will be retiring.

The period of time between now and January 5th is what's calledthe lame duck session. Votes continue and legislation can be passed - but by many members who the American population has voted out of office.

What questionsdo you have for thelame duck Congress? What do you want to knowabout the legislation they plan totackle before the new leadership takes over?

Today's panel is here to answer your questions...

Trey Hardin, Former Republican Campaign Manager and aide to the GOP House Leadership

Charlie Hurt, Washington Bureau Chief, the New York Post

Alexandra Acker Lyons, Executive Director at Democratic Gain

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