The Honor and Remember RV Crashes!

On today's show you met George Lutz. He's the founder of Honor and Remember, a national campaign of remembrance of our fallen soldiers.His son, George Anthony Lutz II (Tony), was killed in 2005 while serving in Iraq.

Encouraged byother families who lost loved ones in war he embarked on a national campaign to make sure we never forget the men and women who died on the battlefield.

He's traveled 28,000 miles and gone to all 50 states advocatingthat they adopt the "Honor and Remember" flag as their state symbol of remembrance.

His journey started on Memorial Day and ends today on Veterans Day.

But you won't believe what happened to him on this last leg of the trip...

While here in Washington D.C. to lay flags at Arlington Cemetery his,"RV wrestled with a pole" as he put it.

Luckily, he found a body shop in Virginia that mended the damage so that George and the RV could carry ontheir mission.