Want to shoot hoops with President Obama?

Now you can.

The newest version of EA SPORTS NBA JAM is out this week -complete with political players.

Just like the real NBA teams featured in this video game, Democrats and Republicans have their own uniforms, home courts, and logos.

But getting Sarah Palin to slam dunk has a twist. All politicians are hidden until you win challenges and unlock their secret codes!

Democratic players include: Pres. Barack Obama, VP Joe Biden, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, former Pres. Bill Clinton, and former VP Al Gore.

Republican players include: former Pres. George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and former VP Dick Cheney.

The NBA JAM version now available in stores will work for the Wii, costs $50, and is rated E for Everyone.

Dont have a Wii? Dont sweat it! Versions for PS3 & Xbox 360 are due out later this year.

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