U.S. Airways Flight Halted in Philadelphia Over Reported Security Breach

DEVELOPING: A US Airways flight to Bermuda has been grounded before takeoff from Philadelphia International Airport over a security problem.

Passengers were removed from US Airways Flight 1070 on Thursday morning and the plane was towed to a remote location to be searched.

Philadelphia police say initial reports from the scene indicate a person lacking a security badge was helping load the plane. Airport officials could only say the search was prompted by a security concern raised by the airline.

The plane is carrying 102 passengers and 5 crew members. 

U.S. Airways spokesman Todd Lehmacher confirmed the plane was being searched but would not comment on specifics.

"In the interest of safety, we deplaned our customers," Lehmacher said in a statement. "We are working with authorities to investigate the security concern and cannot comment on specifics since the investigation is ongoing." 

A passenger aboard the plane, Amanda Benner, tells The Associated Press travelers were told they were removed from the plane because of a "TSA security breach."

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The Associated Press contributed to this report