Supreme Court to Hear First Amendment Case

The Westboro Baptist Church will have its day in the nation's highest court on Wednesday. The Supreme Court is beginning its new term and it's set to hear arguments about the church's protest at fallen soldiers' funerals.

The church holds demonstrations at cemeteries where soldiers are being lain to rest. It says the war, and casualties, are a result of Americans' sins, particularly abortion and homosexuality. It also says the First Amendment gives its members the right to protest where they want.

One soldier's father saw it differently. Albert Snyder sued the church after its members protested at his son's funeral. Initially, he won a $5 million judgment for emotional distress and invasion of privacy, but an appeals court overturned it.

Now the Supreme Court will decide if the church's protests are allowed, or whether it is hate speech, and should be banned.

What do you think? Should the Westboro Baptist Church be able to continue it's funeral protests?