Saving Moses the Camel

A fire department in Oregon received an unusual emergency call Tuesday night. A familys camel was stuck in a hole. I actually talked to the battalion chief who first thought it was a joke Kim Dilworth explains.

Kim and Mike Dilworth own the Bible Zoo and have two Bactrian camels, Moses and Bethlehem. Mike was out feeding the animals when he heard Moses screams. He found him neck deep in a muddy sinkhole! The couple called 9-1-1 and seven firefighters with the Clackamas County Fire District No. 1 came to the rescue.

They tried How much do you think a Bactrian camel weighs? Try 1,500 pounds! It took 4 hours of digging before Moses was free. And believe it or not, he only suffered a few scratches.

Sometimes I think all of us feel like we're in a hole Kim who is currently fighting cancer explains. But Moses miraculous story of survival and seeing all those who came to help him has given her hope.

To learn more about Moses and the Bible Zoo visit their website:

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