Parents of Acid Hoax Woman Apologize

Bethany Storro prior to surgery in Portland, Ore.

Bethany Storro prior to surgery in Portland, Ore.

VANCOUVER, Wash.-- The parents of a woman who lied about being splashed in the face with acid say they are "deeply sorry" and don't know why their daughter made up a story about being assaulted by a stranger.

The scars on 28-year-old Bethany Storro's face are real, but her story was a horrific hoax.
Joe and Nancy Neuwelt read from a statement Friday outside their Vancouver, Wash., home. They say money donated to their daughter will be returned "in the appropriate manner."

Storro told police a black woman accosted her Aug. 30 in a Vancouver park and scorched her face. Vancouver Police Chief Clifford Cook said Thursday Storro admitted during a police interview that her injuries were self-inflicted.

Her parents say they believed her until Thursday and had no reason to doubt her. They acknowledge she's dealing with emotional and psychological problems.

Storro could face charges of filing a false police report.