Jenna Lee Goes to Washington

You may have noticed Jenna Lee wasn't anchoring "Happening Now" from our New York studios yesterday. She headed down to our Nation's capitol. It was a big day: Interviewing lawmakers face-to-face on a big primary day and getting the scoop on what's going on on Capitol Hill. There's only three weeks - or maybe even two! - left before everyone hits the trail to campaign. This was a great chance to find out what our elected officials are trying to get done before they go.

Now for the good stuff - picture time! Our trusty Washington team came armed with their camera to get these beauts. Take a look at what went on behind the scenes and after the show!

Bret Baier chatted with Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) backstage.

Then stopped to talk to Representative Mike Pence (R-IN). (And grab a drink...of water!)

Also backstage, well, wandering around our newsroom, Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

More than an hour and a half into the show, Jenna needed a quick touch-up before interviewing Sen. Lieberman.

If you think the day is done when we sign off, think again! It was off to the White House for Jenna and our Washington team. Who'd they run into? Steve Centanni, of course!

"What's so exciting at the White House?" you may ask. (Well, there's a lot exciting...but we're talking about something specific here.) President Obama's arrival! Live on the South Lawn!

And if you think the day ends there, wrong again! Jenna was on the phone, making calls, sending e-mails, getting ready for the day...all while traveling back to New York.