Behind the Scenes Interview

[caption id="attachment_3886" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Proposed Islamic cultural center & mosque to be built near Ground Zero."][/caption]

We spoke to New York University professor Irshad Manji who says Americans aren't thinking clearly aboutplans to build a mosque near Ground Zero. She says they are only focusing on one aspect of the debate. Some argue that Muslims should be able to build mosques anywhere, just like Christians build churches and Jews build synagogues. So they completely support this mosque. Others argue that Muslims caused the tragedy at the World Trade Center, so they should not build a mosque so close to scene. So they oppose the mosque completely.

Professor Manji told us that both sides are reacting emotionally instead of with their heads. Not only are they mad at each other, but now both sides are mad at her! She says she's only calling everyone out on their refusal to ask the right questions. She says both sides really need to listen to each other.

Want to know more? You can readthis editorialManji wrote for the Wall Street Journal (which also owned by our parent corporation, News Corp).