Everything Stolen From Soldiers Overseas

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Soldiers deploying overseas have to shipmostof their possessions ahead of their departure. That shouldmean their things are ready and waiting when they arrive.Unless they don't. This is where the problem lies for the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion & the 525 Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.

Shampoo, socks, T-shirts, iPods, alarm clocks, personal hygiene items, the list goes on. Nothing made it. All the soldiers found when they got to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistanwas an empty box. An Army public affairs officer says everything else disappeared somewhere between the port in Karachi, Pakistan and Bagram.

The parents of Maj. Jeff Leopold weren't willing to sit by stateside while their son and his colleagueswent without. So they jumped into action.

Richard and Sherry Leopold are collecting items to replace they ones that were taken. They know certain things can never be replaced. Like the photos. Like the other sentimental items that were supposed to help the troopsget through their deployments. But anything else that can make their time overseas more comfortable is on the list.

The Leopolds have already collected 1,500 pound of goods.

You can help, too. If you would like to help, you can send items to:




APO, AE 09354

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