Former NBA Star Player may have been Murdered

His family said he would never leave without telling them... especially just disappear for more than a week. They said something bad must have happened to Lorenzen Wright. Turns out... they may have been exactly right.

Memphis police havefound a bullet-riddledbodyin the hometown of former NBA star Lorenzen Wright. He went missing last week and has not been heard from. His family and friends say the body is his and, get this, that body has nearly a dozen gunshot wounds. Wright was known to roll with a lot of cash on him. And, a neighboring PD in Germantown got a 911 call on July 19 you could hear a garbled mans voice, an expletive and then at least 10 gunshots. Memphis PD has not officially said its Wright but, it was found along the same road that he used as a shortcut to his Moms house. Lorenzen Wrights six children and ex-wife also live nearby. Wright played in the NBA for 13 years last for the Cavs.

The sports world is mourning him at this hour.