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The family of Missouri native Cher Hughes hope for answers now that her suspected killers have been detained. We spoke with several people very close to this international murder mystery investigation.

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William Adolfo Cortez, also known as Wild Bill, and his wife, Jane Seana Cortez, have been on the run since last Tuesday when officials discovered the body of Hughes and another person on their property in Panama. The Nicaraguan army took the couple into custody Monday after they ignored warnings posted at the border stop along the San Juan River between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Keith Werle, Hughess estranged husband, believes she was not the first victim.

Im afraid the numbers are going to be astronomical, he said. The Panamanian officials are investigating whether he killed seven other people while hes lived here.

Freelance journalist Don Winner has been working with law enforcement on Hughes case since she went missing in March. He says Wild Bill targets people looking to sell their property. Winner alleges that after killing his victims and disposing of their bodies, Wild Bill claims to have paid cash for the properties and says he has no information on where they went.

Winner says Costa Rican officials are working to extradite the suspects back to Panama for prosecution.

Werle says,I want to see his face when he gets back on Panamanian soil.