Disgraced EMT Fought Off 3 Assailants in NYC Brawl Before Being Killed

FILE: Emergency Medical Technician Jason Green was fatally shot near the New York City nightclub Greenhouse.

FILE: Emergency Medical Technician Jason Green was fatally shot near the New York City nightclub Greenhouse.  (AP/Daily News)

The disgraced medic who was fatally shot in a nightclub brawl had been standing over one of his assailants and punching him when a friend of the man he was pummeling opened fire, officials said yesterday.

The news came as The Post learned early this morning that three suspects were being questioned and the battle had been captured on video.

EMT Jason Green -- who was under investigation for allegedly refusing to help a dying woman -- had tried repeatedly to walk away before he was drawn into the fight, according to cops.

But his assailants would not let it drop, and, although outnumbered, Green gained the upper hand.

The melee started shortly after the 32-year-old medic and a friend had tried to get into Greenhouse, a popular nightclub in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood, at about 5 a.m. Sunday. Bouncers turned them away because the pal was wearing shorts, officials said.

They used a cell phone to call two women who had been waiting for them inside the club.

The women joined the two men, and all of them were standing outside when a man began arguing with Green.

A witness told cops the dispute involved a parking spot, but Green's pal said he knew nothing of such an argument.

They took their battle across the street, where, after the medic's friend tried to break up the fight, two other men joined the attack on Green. When they were unable to get the best of him, a fourth man came and opened fire, officials said.

"He was a built guy," said an EMT who worked with Green.

"He could hold his own."

The assailants fled in a BMW, which the cops tracked down. The suspects are young men in their 20s, from Brooklyn.

Although the tape shows the fistfight and the shooting, it's too blurry for faces to be recognized.

Last year, Green and his girlfriend, Melisa Jackson, who is also an EMT, allegedly refused to help pregnant Au Bon Pain worker Eutisha Rennix, 25, after she suffered a seizure during their break at the coffee shop in Downtown Brooklyn. Rennix died at Long Island College Hospital. She was six months pregnant, and her unborn baby was delivered at the hospital but died. She left a 3-year-old son.

Green and Jackson were suspended without pay for a month. The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office is investigating.

A co-worker said Jackson was devastated by Green's death.

"Melisa is completely destroyed by this," the colleague said. "She's not handling it too well."

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