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The unemployment rate has risen to 9.5 percent, and President Obama says an extension of unemployment benefits with help fix this problem. But Republicans are saying no to more deficit spending. Can the president convince Republicans to support emergency relief for the unemployed? Join us today as Bret Baier discusses the ongoing debate.

The massacres in Mexico continue as we get new reports of 17 people shot dead at a birthday party early Sunday morning. The motive behind the shootings is unknown, but some suspect the killers are part of a drug gang. Can the violence in Mexico be contained? More during the first hour of our show.

The debate continues over whether or not the Democrats will maintain the majority after the November elections. Biden seems to think the Democrats are back on track, but do you agree?

General Motors and Chrysler have continued closing dealerships following last years economic woes. The problem? According to Watchdog reports, the companies did not consider the ramifications of job loss. Are the dealership closings necessary? We explore the situation today on Happening Now.