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A female cartoonist in Seattle is suddenly on a terrorists"wanted" list. What did she do to warrant this? And what is the FBI doing to protect her? Tune in to find out more.

A woman loses her husband, becomes a widow, and then conceives his child through in vitro fertilization years later.Now, she wants her late husbands social security benefits for her six year old son. Should the child get the benefits? Thisis aprecedent setting case and we'll have all the details from the mother and her lawyer.

Not only arekindergartnerslearning their ABCs and how to count to 100, but one Montana school district has devised a plan for teaching them sex education. Find out what the superintendent and a concerned citizen have to say about the curriculum on todays show.

At a House Democratic caucus meeting Tuesday evening, Nancy Pelosi criticized fellow Democrat Robert Gibbs for his politically inept comments about the possibility ofDemocrats losing the majority in November. What do these rising tensions say about the upcoming midterm elections? Well have the details coming up.