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Mel Gibson has done it again. This time, taking a more personal approach and attacking the mother of his infant daughter. This isnt his first time Mel has visited the hot seat. Could his latest tirade be the one thats ends his career?

We have the latest developments in the case of missingseven-year-old, Kyron Horman. Are authorities closing in on making an arrest against the boys stepmother? New details about her personal life continue to emerge as authorities continue theirsearch for theOregon boy. Tune in for the latest developments of this story.

If you were voting today in a Presidential election, would you be one of the 51% of people whovotes for the GOP candidate? Would you vote for Newt Gingrich if he ran for President in 2012? We will discuss new polls, statistics and potential emerging presidential candidates on todays show.

A nineteen-year-old boy decides to swim in a Florida canal during the middle of the summer. The result? One less hand. How did he lose his hand, and what actions were taken following the incident? The chilling and bizarre story today on Happening Now!