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Monday Mornings can be difficult, especially after anice weekend. Over the weekend those in Cleveland recovered from the loss of their "king" and on Sunday World Cup fans shouted "viva Espana" whena last minute goal mean certain victory.

Today begins a whole new week of news from around the world. A bomb in Uganda goes offkilling dozens, including at least one American. The "Barefoot Bandit" has been captured, barefoot,in the Bahamas. We'll talk to one of the original sheriff's involved in Colton Harris Moore's string of illegal activities.

How does some science news sound? We've got the one and only Bill Nye to talk about new pictures of an asteroid.

While most of us are only concerned with the temperature outside during the long summer days, it seems as if the White House might be feeling the heat when they think about midterm elections. Robert Gibbs made it clear this weekend that democrats will not have an easy go at the polls later this year. What does that mean for the GOP? Is there a strategy when the administration admits their worryabout the prospects of keeping power?