Today on Happening Now!

Today on Happening Now, well discuss President Obamas meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Well have more details during the show.

Vice President Biden says Iraq is all set to take over their countrys security, but some wonder if this is true. Is Bidens assumptioncorrect, or is he jumping the gun? More on todays show.

A new poll indicates that two-thirds of Arizona citizens believe being born in the United States does not necessarily make you a U.S. citizen. An Arizona representative believes at least one parent must prove US citizenship in order to give the child a U.S. birth certificate. Should this be the law? Also the federal government is threatening apreemptive lawsuit to stop this type of legislation. We'll keep our eyes on the latest.

And, Queen Elizabeth II will be in New York City today. Shes visiting Ground Zero and speaking at the United Nations. Join us as we discuss her visit as well as the Royal Familys recenteconomic woes. Will the monarchy last?