[caption id="" align="alignright" width="256" caption="A work boat navigates past oil containment booms in the Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, Ala., Tuesday, June 22, 2010. Authorities are attempting to boom the pass which has one of the strongest currents along the Gulf coast in an effort to defend against oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)"][/caption]

Lots going on in the Gulf today.

We're just getting word that the Interior Department is getting ready to issue a new ban on deepwater drilling. A six-month ban it tried to issue was shot down by the courts yesterday. This time, the Department says it'll scale back the ban.

Also coming in now...the oil leak is out-of-control again. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen says an underwater robot bumped into the venting system. They had to remove a cap, which was helping to contain some of the oil, to make sure ice crystals hadn't begun to form.

More bad news from Thad Allen: 2 people working on the response efforts have died. It's not clear if the deaths were related to response efforts.