Rep. Waxman Questions BP CEO

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) has his turn to question BP CEO Tony Hayward now.

Waxman quoted a BP engineer's document that talked about what needed to be done to make sure this oil rig was set up safely & securely.All he got fromHayward was reiteration that despite 20+ years in this industry he was not involved in this decision-making so he can't comment. That didn't make Waxman very happy. He says that based on the engineering documents, it looks like BP knew they were skirting the safest construction methods for a few million dollars. (Ed. note -- You may want to remember now that BP has agreed to set aside $20 billion for victim's claims. That's much more than a few million!) Then Waxman pointed out this is an investigative committee, and Hayward appears to be refusing to participate in this particular aspect of theinvestigation.