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BIG news today on Happening Now-- this morningBP head, Tony Haywardwill givetestimony before Congress. Guest, Congressman Burgess, a ranking member of the subcommittee, will share his thoughts on Mr. Hayward and the BP oil leaksituation.

Pundits will weigh in on the politics of the Gulf oil spill. President Obamas various extracurricular activities, including multiple rounds of golf and dinner with superstar Bono have some scratching their heads. Should he continue to have fun while citizens of the Gulf continue to suffer? You decide.

Amy Bishop: a suspect in a would-bebombing and the murderer of3 at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Now she's indicted for the 20 year-oldmurder of her brother which was once ruled as accidental. We will discuss why she is being charged now and how hard it will be to get a conviction. Also, will the indictment of killing her brother help in the conviction killing three people last year?

There was an attempt to abduct a three year old girl from Burlington Coat Factory. But was it really abduction? You will not believe who the suspect is. Find out on todays show!