Today we spoke to a mother, Angel Guy, who received some devastating news when her son was just three years old. Her son's pediatric neurologist, Dr. Yasser Awaad, told her that her son had a seizure disorder and that she should not have any more children for fear they could be born with epilepsy.

But, alas, six long years later, after a powerful medication regimen and multiple brain tests each year, she found out her son doesn't have a seizure disorder at all. And as it turns out, she's not the only one claiming her child was misdiagnosed.

Our other guest was Brian J. Brenner, one of the attorneys representing more than 200 families that say Dr. Awaad misdiagnosed their children, too. Brenner says it was all for the money. On our air, he said he had someone crunch the numbers and there is no way Dr. Awaad could have earned the $600,000+ salary he pulled in in 2005 if he was doing what he was supposed to.

Dr. Awaad is no longer working in Dearborn, MI, but he is reportedly still practicing medicine in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.