Happening Now, Today

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Morning Happening Now viewers and FNC fans!

We've got a great show today. We'll have a debate over the Helen Thomas anti-Israel comments. What's the fallout and should she keep her front row seatat White House press briefings?

A suspected terror arrest over the weekend reminds us that could-be terrorist may be in our backyards right now. And have you ever wondered why police keep catching these guys at the airport? It seems like they could have gotten them earlier.

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Lastly a tornado in Toledo, Ohio caused mayhem. Some have even called it a "war zone."We will talk to thenephew of Ted Kranz, a man who lost his life during the terrific storm.Ted's daughter was set to graduate as high school valedictorian yesterday. This is certainly a sad and difficult time for many in Toledo. If you would like to help the Kranz family at their time of need:

For the benefit of the Ted Kranz Family

GENOA BANK, P.O. Box 98, Genoa, Ohio, 43430