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Police Officer Allegedly Head-Butts Little League Coach in Ohio

A Mentor police officer was arrested Wednesday in Ohio after an alleged assault on a little league baseball coach.

According to Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap, Officer Matthew Collins, 37, was at Perry Township Park at around 8 p.m. for a youth baseball game when the incident occurred, reports Fox8News.

Witnesses told police that Collins head-butted 37-year-old coach Andrew Bagdonas, after the game.

Police say Bagdonas then fell to the ground and Collins continued to assault him. The coach told Fox 8 News that the officer charged at his wife first. Bagdonas said he approached Collins to intervene, when the officer head-butted him and started punching him while on the ground.

The coach's wife called 911 during the fight. When the dispatcher asked what happened, she replied, "The guy opened his mouth at a little league baseball game. He [Her husband] said 'let coaches be the coaches' and they confronted each other afterwards."

Collins is facing charges of assault. He has been a Mentor patrolman since 2003.

Click here for more on this story from Fox8News.

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