Woman Falls Onto Subway Tracks, Man Saves Her

NEW YORK  -- Looks like there's another New York City subway hero.

Police say a man jumped onto the subway tracks after a woman who fainted and fell at the Union Square station in Manhattan Monday. He tried to lift her out but was unable, so he pushed her down into the well between lines and the train missed her. Police say the train had to be lifted to remove the woman, who was hospitalized in stable condition.

The man slipped away before anyone could get his name. Police aren't looking for him because there's no criminality in the incident.

Wesley Autrey jumped on top of a man who had fallen onto the tracks after having a seizure in 2007. The train passed over the two of them. Autrey was awarded the city's highest civilian honor.

In March last year, actor Chad Lindsey jumped down to rescue a man at Pennsylvania Station.