NYC Subway Savior Leaps to Aid Woman, Dies as Both Struck

A good Samaritan died in a horrific New York City subway accident Friday night as he valiantly tried to save a young woman who jumped into the path of an oncoming train to retrieve her jacket, the New York Post reported Saturday.

Jose Gomez, 29, and the unidentified woman were struck by a subway train in Astoria, Queens, around 10:30pm, police said.

The two were pinned under the third car while NYC Transit workers frantically tried to de-energize the electrified tracks.

Gomez was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said. The woman was transported to a nearby hospital Friday night, where she is in serious but stable condition.

Subway service in Astoria was shut down for about an hour after the gory incident. Witnesses said the woman’s decision to jump onto the tracks to pick up her fallen jacket sparked the terrible tragedy that cost Gomez his life.