DC Council Approves Medical Marijuana

Local lawmakers in Washington, D.C. Tuesday put the final stamp of approval on the use of legalized marijuana after agreeing to allow qualified patients with chronic illness to possess larger amounts of the drug if medically necessary, The Washington Post reported.

The original legislation only allowed for patients to possess no more than two ounces of the drug for a 30 day period. The approved amendment will increase the possession limit to four ounces a month if there’s a medical need, according to the paper.

The bill will provide for between five and eight marijuana dispensaries throughout the city where the drug can be purchased. The cost will be subsidized for patients that cannot afford to pay, the Post reported.

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) is expected to sign the bill. Congress will then have 30 days to review the legislation before it becomes law.

Voters in DC approved a referendum on legalizing medical pot more than 10 years ago, but Congress prohibited the city from following through, according to in Virginia.