67 Illegal Immigrants Found Crammed in U-Haul Truck

ELFRIDA, Ariz. -- Sixty-seven illegal immigrants were found crammed inside a U-Haul truck near Elfrida, Ariz. about 20 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border after deputies spotted it driving erratically.

Cochise County sheriff's spokeswoman Carol Capas said Friday that deputies pulled the U-Haul over Thursday evening, and the driver and front passenger ran out of the vehicle into the desert.

The two, believed to be smugglers, got away.

Meanwhile, deputies found 67 illegal immigrants in the back of the 26-foot truck.

Capas says the truck appeared to have been loaded in the last seven hours and that it was "cramped."

She could not speak to the conditions inside the truck and says the immigrants were turned over to the Border Patrol.

Border Patrol spokesman Mario Escalante did not immediately know where the immigrants were from, where they were headed or what the conditions in the truck were, although he says none had to be taken to the hospital.