Cops Catch Wild Coyote Running Amuck on New York City Streets

NY Post

 (NY Post)

A wily coyote who was seen roaming the streets of lower Manhattan was caught today at about 11 a.m. on West Street, authorities said.

Cops shot the coyote with a tranquilizer dart near a Watt Street parking lot and transported it to the Manhattan Animal Care & Control on the Upper East Side.

The officers were tipped to the coyote's location after a witness spotted him in the area and called 911.

NYPD Det. Robert Mirfield said officers "waited for [the coyote] to calm down, and then we put an animal noose around his neck."

The coyote had first been spotted Wednesday coming out of the Holland Tunnel at 3:52 p.m.

He hardly had time to get reservations at Nobu before officers tried to hunt him down.

It's unclear if this latest coyote was a bridge-and-tunnel type who came from New Jersey, or if he's the same coyote spotted in Central Park and Chelsea over the past few weeks, who entered the tunnel headed toward the Garden State but thought better of it and turned back.

Cops caught the coyote a day after giving cops the run-around on Wednesday.

After trotting around the traffic circle just outside the tunnel, he then headed south on Broadway.

About 90 minutes later, he was spotted on Thomas Street and surrounded by officers from the First Precinct and the Emergency Service Unit in a private park outside the AT&T building.

"I thought it was a little wolf," said Demetrius Jones, 18, a painter who saw the coyote craziness. "It looked scared."