Out of the Woods

We've been waiting to see Tiger Woods since his Thanksgiving incident. There have been several sightings and confirmation that he's been in sex rehab for the past few weeks. What now? Tiger will finally, and formally,address the public. He has controlled the "press conference" to the utmost. We'll have analysis and show the whole thing to you as it happens.

We've got to follow up on yesterday's bizarre event in Austin, Texas. A man, Joe Stack, took his discontent with the government into his own hands, allegedly burning his house down before jumping into a plane and crashing it into the IRS building.

Conservatives are having a lot of fun this week at the CPAC meeting. A surprise visit by Dick Cheney yesterday excited many, but his one term presidency comment made headlines today. Mitt Romney proved he's quite the joker aiming quips at the president and democrats.