What's Happening Now?

Good Morning! And as someone in the office likes to say, Happy Friday-eve!

There are days when we're hoping for a good news story, but today that was not the case. We've got a ton of news that you've got to watch.

Representative Eric Cantor will be on to defend his stance on the stimulus bill. Then Governor Tim Kaine will talk 2010 elections and explain why some democrats call Cantor a hypocrite.

The Marines are doing a great job in Afghanistan. Phase II of the mission hasn't started just yet, but some expect it to begin soon. How are the Marines feeling and how easily will they be able to accomplish the mission? What will it take?

The game of Hide and Go Seek will be over tomorrow at the top of our show. Tiger will come out of the Woods and give his side of the story and his plan to go forth, playing his best golf ever. We'll speak to someone who can tell us what Tiger needs to say in order to keep his fans as well asearn endorsement deals now that his wholesome image has beentattered.