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News Anchor Quits Job to Help Out in Haiti

A Duluth, Minn., news anchor, who is also a registered nurse, quit her day job to help people in Haiti, reported.

Less than two weeks before Julie Pearce makes the most important trip of her life, she’s scrambling to get the needed supplies.

VIDEO: News Anchor Explains Why She Quit to Help Haiti

Pearce graduated nursing school in august but its not her primary job. For the past four years, she’s been anchoring the weekend news for the NBC affiliate in Duluth, Minnesota. But Pearce says her true love is medicine. She recently traveled to Belize to help their people.

“It was shocking to see poverty up front and personal and walk into national geographic magazine,” said Pearce.

When she came back to the anchor desk, she started reporting on Haiti’s earthquake. Pearce said her heart broke because of the headlines she was reading. So, she walked into her news director’s office and quit her job to go to Haiti.

“I’ve got the skills and knowledge and medical expertise so in good consciousness, I couldn’t keep reading these headlines and not do something about it.”

More than 300 Minnesota registered nurses have volunteered and are awaiting deployment. With money a major issues, “The Sopranos” James Gandolfini is helping nursing organizations to raise funds for the trip.

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